It’s undemonstrable but evident (otherwise please surf away from this website!) that cycling is the best way to move throughout a city and to explore unknown lands in a completely free way! Using a bike is a conscious choice of a cheap, ecological and popular mean of transport, slow enough to make you enjoy the ambient but fast enough to skip queuing cars, allowing efficient displacements without isolating in an iron cage. It keeps fit your body and mind!
Moreover, bike’s a way to meet and get to know peolple, to flirt and to reach a better understanding of the place where you are!

In order to spread the use of bicycle for daily and occasionally displacements, and following CouchSurfing principles as well, we run a free bike-sharing service which not only implies the free use of bicycles, but we ask you to agree with its spirit and to positively interact with Ciclofficina’s philosophy and practice, people and activities.

  • bikes can be taken for the time needed up to one month (renewable by coming again to Ciclofficina), as we don’t have so many bicycles we ask you to be on time and to know you might not find an available one when you come;
  • if anything breaks, you can find in the workshop everything you need (tools and skills) to fix it up by yourself (it’s not a service but a DIY activity, you’re damaging somebody else if you give back a broken bike);
  • when you take the bicycle, we ask you a 40 euro deposit (which you’ll have back when giving back the bicycle) and some personal details to get in touch with you just in case of late returning. The bike-sharing is free, but a small donation to support the project is always welcome!

Erasmus students (but not only!), travellers and eco-friendly tourists, old and new milanesi, cycling is a responsible, healthy and enjoyable choice!

Bikes to the people!

We call bikesurfing this “fair-bike-sharing”, we are looking for similar projects to share experiences. Drop us a line at sveglia_cittastudi@inventati.org !


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